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Our Story - LRC

Our Story

LRC History

In April 2000 Phil Holoubek founded LRC with $10,000 and one goal: affordable, high quality rental options for Lexington’s disadvantaged neighborhoods. He saw the need for housing that residents could be proud of and for housing that would serve to enhance the community. Over the next several years he achieved this goal by providing superior and accessible rental housing to hundreds of Lexington residents. 

In 2005, Phil realized that he could have a far greater impact on the Lexington community by developing world-class properties instead of buying existing properties, and LRC began to intentionally switch gears. 

Over the next few years, we expanded to provide a full range of real estate services – downtown real estate development, property management, real estate brokerage, and managed office space. 

LRC Today

LRC is now considered the leading developer of Downtown Lexington residential and mixed use space. We are often referred to as “The Downtown Experts” – a title we take serious pride in!

Our most recent development projects, Main + Rose and Nunn Building Lofts, represent well over $30 million worth of new Downtown Lexington development. These projects  added over 120 residential units and 25,000 square feet of retail space to Downtown Lexington. The loft projects feature dramatic high ceilings, large windows with unmatched views of Lexington, and contemporary urban finishes.

In an effort to avoid sprawl, these two projects help to promote downtown infill, ensuring our farmland in surrounding areas remains secure and retains productivity. If you’ve ever seen the beauty of a Kentucky farm you know why this is important! Main + Rose was even awarded an LFUCG ‘Historic Preservation’ award despite being new construction. The designation was achieved by developing existing space without tearing down any existing buildings and blending new architecture within the existing urban fabric. We are so incredibly proud of the impact these projects have had on Downtown Lexington. We truly believe they contribute to Downtown being an amazing place to live, play or work! 

In addition to our development projects, we are also one of the leading real estate brokerages in Lexington. We now have 10 agents who love Downtown, love Lexington and love to work with residential and commercial clients to buy, sell, or rent!